Just Another Day In Paradise

I guess the following image will help you guess the answer to this question! Why are Johnny and Nancy sleeping BACK in the house when all their belongings are at the apartment?If you guessed that the toilets won't flush, you're wrong. If you guessed that Johnny stopped one up, you're wrong. If you guessed that there's a problem in the main line and all other watery things aren't working, you win the grand prize! You get to host us while we wait to see what happens {insert big grin here} Come on now, don't everyone email at once. And would you believe I had just begun washing a load of Johnny's blue jeans in our NEW washer AND the dishwasher lacked only the rinse cycle to be completed?! We were so excited to be able to wash clothes and then, "Hey, John!! The toilet has tissue in it and I swear there wasn't any just a moment ago! NO, I did NOT forget to flush!"

We are one of three apartments being lived in and they think with the water usage, an obstruction in the line has just now reared it's ugly head. So, we had to immediately turn off the water into our apartment and

Erika and Deanna, the kind ladies in charge, offered to put us up in a hotel tonight. Since we were working at the house tomorrow we opted to come back here instead. However, we didn't think things through clearly. One, we're way past tired. Two, we weren't sure what was here and what wasn't. And three, we guessed wrong as to what was here. No bathing soap, except girly soap; no shampoo, at all; clothes, but no undergarments; no deodorant. Hmm, so now we'll have to make a run back across town to get what we should have brought with us. Hopefully, the contractor will discover what the problem is and things will be back to normal by mid morning. Worst case scenario is that we sleep in a hotel tomorrow night {insert another big grin} and this time we'll remember to carry what one usually takes when spending the night away. I really felt sorry for Erika and Deanna, though, they were still at the office trying to run down the other two tenants when we left {insert sympathetic face here}

Oh, and I haven't taken any more snapshots of how things are looking. But I will. When I find the camera~


Anonymous said...

I wish you had phoned me about this. You know you two can stay with me. The guestroom is always ready.


Susanne Goodin said...

WOW - you have the best attitude when faced with adversity. You don't sweat the small stuff - that is refreshing in a world where so many people sweat EVERYTHING!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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