NOOOOO, Wait a Doggone Minute!!

Yep, second post. And yep, I'm one of those crazy housewives that just loves to watch all The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows. We don't have a TV here at the house anymore but we do still have the computer hooked up here AND I was just reading and keeping up with the live blog going on HERE and just saw that shelet this great looking, great job, father of one son who already loves "Miss DeAnna", get away!!
so she could accept a marriage proposal from this Breckenridge snowboarder
that went so far as to tell her he didn't know what he wanted to do after getting too old to travel around snowboarding, that it didn't matter how much money he made or what he lived in, as long as he was happy. Even told her the thought of a long term commitment made him nauseated. Hmmm, but when it got to Jason and Jesse I knew she'd pick Jesse. I can't pick beauty pageant winners either.


The Feathered Nest said...

She kinda looks like she'd pick the one she did....but don't cha think they would've handed him a bottle of shampoo before they took this pic??? That wasn't very nice....:) xxoo, Dawn

Kelly said...

I know! Shocked I was!!

Stacia said...

I didn't watch the show this season, but last night I turned it on (thinking The Mole was coming on) so I watched it. I totally thought she'd pick the cute one (Jason, right?!?)... I was blown away!! I even watched the 'after show' because I couldn't believe it!

Susie Harris said...

What was she thinking! If she were my daughter I would....well I guess I would let her be.. Thats the hard part about being a parent. I too was a bit sad. I was going for the other guy too.... oh well... Susie H~

Leah said...

I loved Deanna on her first season...but have not kept up with this one...can't believe she picked him...he's, well, GROSS looking! I did watch the first few episodes and I liked the other guy!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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