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So are you enjoying the silliness of the songs? I decided when I had to write the toilet post that it needed some uplifting, goofy songs. Of course, when I told you of our hearts breaking this week, hearing about Camp Grenada didn't go too well but all in all there is still love and laughter in the world and somehow I think the child in all of us needs to be reminded of just that.

I am sitting here in a nearly vacated home. Johnny is off to work at the local papermill, where he is in maintenance. He loves the 3-11 shift and has already called to make plans for his next vacation. His. Next. Vacation! Which begins right after this shift!! And he just went back to work from a vacation. I know, I know. He took this last vacation thinking we would be moving, not knowing we wouldn't move until the week he was to return to work. There again, "the best laid schemes of mice and men".

The only things in the house, though, are items either going into storage or to the apartment!! Everything else has found a home!! And it's NOT WITH ME!!! A big shout out for getting rid of objects we forget we have!!!

Here in a just a bit, I'll be starting at the back of the bedroom wing and cleaning out. Moving to the front the rest of packed boxes and items that just don't pack well. Moving the air mattress to the den just in case {wink, wink, crossed fingers} we have to sleep here again tonight. I can't wait to see empty rooms, empty closets, and a small grouping of items still left to haul out. We're taking a break tomorrow to get my cute little car running again (John thinks its the starter) and go up to his brother's home to eat for the 4th. Deborah and Lorenzo are meeting us there and that should be interesting! Lorenzo is from the West Coast, LA to be exact, and is looking forward to seeing donkeys. (Alton keeps donkeys around to run off the coyotes. Did you know folks in the country do that?!)

Jenny and her family had plans to go, but Noah has a double ear infection OUCH! and Jen is still recovering. They'll stay home, attend the parade downtown, and visit with Brandon's folks. I think from their deck they'll be able to see not only Prattville's fireworks but Montgomery's as well. I'll be watching the fireworks from Prattville.

Here's a funny update to the toilet/plumbing problem we encountered last night. Johnny called just a bit ago to let me know the asphalt in front of our apartment may be torn up today. It seems that not only was there a break in the line between the city and the apartment complex BUT a contractor's rag was found under our parking area when they ran a RotorRewterWhatever through the plumbing. John called to say, "See?! I told you it wasn't me". I just want it fixed. There's still a load of blue jeans that will need washing again. This time in hot water since they've sat there for 24 hours. Yuck.

I hope you are having a blessed day and that you've already found many moments to laugh out loud. I have. But then, the way this week has been I'm looking hard for things, people, and incidents to laugh at and make fun of. Aren't you glad you aren't walking by in front of me right now ;)


Haley said...

Can I just say I LOVE U! If you need to wash clothes our house is much closer than Jens (and I know she needs some space right now.... Eric and I both know what She and Brandon are going through.) You can just come over and leave your clothes with me.... They will be clean and returned to you. :) Just let me know I would be glad to do it for you! ;)

Kelly said...

Poor lil Noah. He has a rough time of it!

Have a happy 4th!

Heather said...

Thank You so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. My husband has enjoyed all the sweet comments about his PapPap. He still can not believe how sweet all the women are in this wonderful world of blogging!
I love your music- the "they're coming to take me away" brought back so many memories! Whenever my Dad gets frustrated he starts singing that song and makes everyone around laugh!
I am really enjoying your blog. Plumbing issues.......UGH! Never fun!
Hopefully it will all be taken care of soon!
Have a blessed weekend!
-Heather :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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