for just one day, one moment even, if I could just hold her in my arms again and feel her short legs, ripe with babyfat, wrap around my waist. to have her soft curly hair brush my face as she nuzzles in closer to my neck and I smell that milky breath that, to this day, I know in my dreams. to have her pull Baby Fields closer to our hearts that are separated merely by the clothes we wear and to know that she is already learning to love. I sing and murmur love songs, songs that will lull her into that place known as Sleepy Town, where best friends are the ones with floppy ears, loved coats, and sometimes missing an eye, or a leg. Maybe this is our saving grace~these memories. To right all the times we were too impatient, too busy, too absent. Maybe these times of rocking chairs, lullabies, stolen kisses on the eyelids and nuzzles of the neck~memories take hold and we savor them and wish, oh how we wish, to have them once more. Just. One. More. Time. it is because of you that I believe in miracles~


Heather said...

Oh, you've gone and made me cry...again! This pulled at my heart so because I try so hard to cherish all those fleeting moments with my AK. That is one reason my heart aches so much to be home with her now. Thank you for the reminder :) Love you always!

Lynne Griffies said...

You put this all sooooo well---feelings that all of us mothers with grown children feel. It really tugged at my heartstrings,too. I love you, my sweet, sweet friend.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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