It Happens

The Tide rolls. Tonight. Right now.


Audrey said...

Hey Nancy - I am sitting here blogging and cheering on Alabama!


Nancy said...

Thanks, girl! Can you hear the whooping and hollering in central 'bama?!

Audrey said...

Nancy - I don't mind you asking. In June 2005, I was almost 6 months pregnant,and during a check up the doctor could not find the baby's heartbeat. Long story short, the diagnosis was Trisomy 18. We had talked about names during the pregnancy, but never decided until then...and we chose Will....because, God's Will is Perfect. He was born to heaven on June 22, 2005. Thanks for asking. I could not go without mentioning, because I think about him every day. Thankfully, my faith and my family have gotten me through it.

God bless! I look forward to reading your 2009 summary if you post one.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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