Does Your Face Light Up?

An "ah ha!" moment today.
On Oprah.
A statement from Toni Morrison,
"Does your face light up
when your children come into the room?"
I realized not only does my face light up,
it goes much deeper.
My heart fills with love,
with adoration,
with admiration.
I adore, simply adore,
these three young women.
These young women that are my daughters.
And these little ones?
When these five little ones
walk through our door
and around the corner? My face
not only lights up,
but my heart just overflows.
I see in them
bits and pieces of the three
that I fell in love with
in the first place.

Does your face light up
when you see your children?
I know there were times
that, like most mothers,
I was too critical,
too stressed,
too busy.
Be different.
Slow down.
Enjoy them now.
And may your face
forever light up
when they walk into your life.


Heather said...

Love, love, love your post!! Yes, I find myself stressed and critical (especially lately) and I try to remind myself to enjoy these moments- those little hands and big messes. But sometimes I need someone else to remind me of that too. I tend to lose sight of it on those rough days. Thanks for once again reminding me :) Love you!

Nancy said...

I agree, Heather. Ms. Morrison said we always look at them critically first, checking out how they're dressed, whether or not they have a guilty face, and THEN we smile. She stated we should show our delight first for the very fact that they are loved. That the are needed. That we are proud of them. Wise words to live by.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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