I Changed My Mind

I have some girlfriends, and a few male friends that flip off the high board if you change a plan. Say you had said 'yes' to a movie, but there's a great new shop downtown with an ice cream soda parlor across the street. You suggest it, and watch the teeth gritting begin. The frozen look becomes one with eyes that get larger and finally the mouth opens, "I THOUGHT we said we were going to see a movie."  "I know, but we can always catch it later! The weather is gorgeous to be window shoppiung downtown and having some homemade pie with ice cream!"

Normally, I lost those battles, figuring it wasn't worth the friendship to try and preach that life doesn't have to be planned and logical all the time. Or even half the time.

I was going to post tonight, but I'm tired. Big day. Big week. Big weekend ahead. And I'd like to watch some more reruns of Medium before I call it quits and go crawl in beside the man I love. He's been working some very long hours and he's weary. We both will be thankful when it ends. He's beginning to look like a zombie. I'm scared of zombies.

I digress.

Here's a video that makes me laugh each time I watch it, and yes, I know it's morbid. And okay, some of you won't laugh, but it makes me giggle out loud each time just because it's so absurd (and could actually happen!) Get a woman talking and she'll walk right into a man hole. Or in this case, an elevator shaft.

Go have a giggle filled day!


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