Guess Where We're Going?!

UPDATE: Oops, this is Disney Hong Kong!
Bahaha ~ we are NOT going there!
Guess who will be with us when we visit Disney World?!
The ORLANDO site!
these two precious daughters,
the rest of Stacey's family! We are so excited to be sharing this fabulous place, this enchanted spot,
with five of our very favorite people!  I've already begun packing!! We will be there almost a whole week, and although we don't plan to keep up with the younger set each day, we will stay in touch via cell phones
and enjoy some yummy meals and Alaina's visit to Cinderella's Castle together.  John and I truly enjoy our time during vacations with our daughters.  We're still talking about our trip to G'burg with Jenny's family and Leslie.  Now we'll have another memorable vacation to rehash and smile over. Thank you, God, for the ability to do this and for such precious loved ones that delight our hearts and worship at Your feet.


Heather said...

Ohhh, I'm so jealous! :) When our girls get a bit older, we hope to go. Have a blast! Can't wait to see pictures!

Nancy said...

Heather, I think Jenny was 13 or 14 when we made our first trip to Disneyland and she was old enough to love it, remember it, and and well worth the money. Jenny and Brandon have made several trips with all three of theirs and they have a blast each time. When you get ready to go, get with Jenny. She knows how to cut corners, where to stay on the park grounds, and will tell you the least crowded times of the year. She knows Disney!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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