Abandoned, Loved & Forgotten

Trumbull County, Ohio
An abandoned doctor's office

Once there was life here
Children, folks of all ages
Country doctor, paid in cash, livestock, vegetables
God bless those that tended to these folks
God bless the ones that needed a 'doc'
Old School House in Bannack, Montana
It used to house the oldest Masonic Lodge on the 2nd floor.
~ Ben Pierce Photography
Abandoned Roadside Cafe
"Madge's Cafe' in Millerton, Wayne County, Iowa

Just imagine homemade pies, cookies, and soups
Hungry mouths and the smell of frying food
Laughter, loud talking, hungry babies
Days of another time, another era
Cotton Plant, Arkansas
An old store in this small rural town
An old forgotten church

Can you hear the hymns being sung?
The preacher talking of fire and brimstone,
Only to chat quietly as he shakes the hands of those as they leave
Train rumbles by and the pianist waits before finishing the song
Good folks. Hard days. Legacy left by those raised in the Lord's Word.

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~ from The Letter Writer ~

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