Reconnected With an Angel

Through a dear friend going through knee surgery, Johnny and I have reconnected with an angel from ICU at St. Vincent's. Our hearts are overwhelmed for we grew to love and depend on her greatly. She was a source of strength for my family and became my favorite nurse. God works in mysterious ways and we are so appreciative for this gift of reconnection. It was nine years ago April 21. It's easier now but Johnny and I still lay low on that day and pray and give thanks~

Sadly, when Kim knew me I was going through an emergency traumatic issue that only got worse before things began to get better. This is how I'm sure she remembers me ~
or this
A very difficult 77 days, from a terrible mistake an impatient doctor made. BUT the other staff at St. Vincent's are superior to any hospital we've ever had to spend much time in. They became family. God is so good. In fact, He is awesome. Here's a photo a year and half later, when we went with Nelson and his wife, Glenda, to our favorite vacation spot, Gatlingburg TN.
Thank you, Kim for being good not only at your God given gift but for going the extra miles during those long days and longer nights when I only wanted you. What I remember and what actually took place are so vastly different! One day soon, we will get drive up your way, meet and catch up. And thank you, God, for working through dear Wilma ~ even though she had to have surgery. If Kim was her nurse, she had the best ~ thank you, Kim. For so much {heart font}
Below, Thanksgiving 2014

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