Easily Made ~ Smiles Galore

You can make your drawer or find an old one in a flea market ~ a sewing maching drawer! New, or original handle; distress it; and arrange your clear bottles with sweet blossoms for a simple and adorable look. Cozy home ~ 
Shadowbox. Heart memories of a time at the coast. 
How colorful and cute is this?! Cheap sandals with scraps of ribbon tied on! Yeah, I could do this and if I can, I know you can {wink font}.  
Monogram a Mason jar with glitter; simple twine tie; tulips or your favorite flower. Too cute, too simple! 
Last but not least from Pinterest, a silk green wreath with silk hydrangeas cut off  close to the flower and hot glued to the wreath. Attach a ribbon and voila! {Tip: If your door faces the West, beware that the sun will melt your hotglue. A fact I found out the hard way recently. MESSY!}

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