A Button For My Blog

I have made, I think, a button for my blog. I am praying I can figure this out without losing my sanity. If it works, I'll get back with you on the instructions! Gritting my teeth and digging in!
I did it!!! Now to put in a box with the HTML so you can 'grab' my button! And it's so easy! Just wait until I tell you about it! Okay, okay, I'm dancin', I'm dancin', see the grin, see the grin {silly font}
I was not able to put the border around it that I was hoping to, and I intend to research further in order to learn how to do this BUT you can now go grab my button if you'd like to add it to your site! Copy the HTML code, go to your layout and click on Add a Gadget. Choose the HTML and paste into the text box. Voila! Now we've both got my button on our pages {wink font!}

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