Fall Is In the Air!

Fall is in the air. When I found this serene site at The Feathered Nest, I knew it would fit perfectly in our dining area for the season ~ I'm wondering if I took it to our local printing company if they could make a 11x14 print, in order to have it matted and framed. All of the photos and vintage prints at Dawn's site are free. As in FREE! She is a sweetheart to be willing to share her bounty with us. When you visit, be sure to leave her a comment. We all love comments! Come with me as we tour 'the house'.
What's this on the front door? A ruffled wreath! Burlap. What screams fall more than the texture and smell of burlap. I recall seed sacks in our grandfather's barn made of burlap and in its dusty smell was the sweet scent of corn. Jones Design Company has a tutorial on this wreath, along with other unique ideas for the season. Moving into the dining area, the vignette below greets our eyes.
One of my favorite blogs is Melissa's Heart and Home. Melissa not only has a beautifully decorated home, but her writing is clear, concise, and she loves to share ideas. I heart the colors in her home, as I've decorated for years with the same hues. Somehow, mine just doesn't look as elegant or finished. Gotta work on that! Her blog is one that I can spend several hours on. She's also taken us on her journey to lose weight and I think it was close to 50 pounds! She is married to a pilot in the USMC and I appreciate the sacrifices she and her man have made to keep our country safe and sound. Let's head toward the kitchen and see what Miss Becca has for us ~
Another blog that's got my colors and heart is Adventures in Decorating. Becca lives and loves in South Carolina and always has a treat for the eyes. Here again, I've learned new ways to put old things together and how to use everyday items in a different and more interesting way. I've found several bloggers that live right here in Alabama and will be showcasing their sites soon.
Beth, at The Stories of A to Z, is a cute character as well as having the privilege of living in a brick townhome that just oozes character and past lives. Can you imagine having a brick wall on one whole side of your three floors?! When you visit her, and you should, look on her right sidebar and you'll find where she takes you on a tour of her home. It's awesome, although after living in our townhome for almost a year, I'm not sure I want another home with stairs {decrepit font}. When I saw Beth's idea for this I immediately thought of our youngest daughter. This would be right up her alley and the boys would get a kick out of it. It's also something easy to save and use year to year. Our home? You want something of our home?

This time last year we were welcoming sweet Elle into our family so I don't have many fall photos from last year. I'm slow in getting to them this year, but you'll be seeing them as I finish them!
This sweet child just turned one and yes, we celebrated. What joy it is to see our future growing in love and laughter, and we are blessed to be a part of all this.  I pray you have a week filled with giggles, hugs, and many moments to enjoy the changing season. Before you know it, snow will be in the air ~


Melissa Miller said...

Ah Nancy you are so sweet to include my blog in this great fall post. Thank you! I enjoy your blog very much sweet friend.

Blessings and Happy Fall!
Warmly, ~Melissa :)

PS Elle is precious! Love her name too.

Becca said...

Nancy, what a sweet treat to see that you mentioned me in your blog! That was so thoughtful ... thank you! I love your blog ... Elle is beautiful. I look forward to following your fun projects! Thanks again for mentioning me. Hugs, Becca

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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