Generations of Friends~

You know my Ian, our daughter Jenny's son. On his right is a good friend of his, Grant Duncan. This friendship within our families goes back three generations. Grant's grandmother, Debra Brock, and I grew up worshipping together at the Lightwood church of Christ. We learned about Jesus at the feet of Miss Mary and played in the yard beside the cotton field. Grew up, married, and soon there were baby showers. At my baby shower, I have a cute picture of Debra's daughter, Angie, handing me a present to open. Our girls grew up worshipping together at Lightwood, and at the feet of the same Miss Mary! Now Angie and Jenny have children and they, too, have fun sharing time together. While not at the feet of Miss Mary, they are learning together here with the Prattville congregation. What comfort, knowing your grandchild has bonded with a Christian family and that through the years this will go on and on, just as it has for the past forty some odd years. Thank you, Lord, for this family, these friends.

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Leah said...

How lovely...I sometimes miss that I'm not where I grew up and my children are not benefiting from wonderful past relationships...but thankfully, we have great new ones.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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