Going to the Zoo!

We went to the Montgomery Zoo!! and had hotdogs and cokes!! and saw an alligator! and the baby hippo!! and the elephants!! {and two elephants were chasing each other and the one in the back was trying to get on the other one!} and we saw a man exercising an eagle! and saw the monkey island! and the snakes! and the bathrooms!! and we even got to buy a tshirt and a stuffed aminal {no, I did NOT misspell that} in 'that store place'.

Jenny asked if I wanted to ride with her and the boys to the zoo this morning and it's been so long since I've been there. And then it was on a field trip with over a hundred second graders! There were still students there today, but I only had two to help watch and we didn't have to ride a schoolbus!!! I had a blast!

It was such fun and you can click on my Flickr site to see additional pictures. Jenny took more than me and is a better photographer so I'm eager to see what she has! And yay to Teale and Chad! They're having a baby and found out today that it is a girl! So it's pink items for them! {Ah Chad, I just knew this was a boy! Next time, maybe?!}

It was too hard getting both boys to look at a camera! There was too much other fun things to look at!
See what I mean?!
and we even got to ride the Zoo Express! How cool was that!!!
Yeah, so Noah usually was looking through the bars and not over them~


Leah said...

What a fun day!! You guys look like you had a blast! We haven't been in forever...need to go!!

Nancy Hood said...

It was so much bigger than I remembered and much nicer than the last time I was there {with a field trip group!}

Chad said...

I am ready to take MoJo to the zoo. Thanks for the shout out on baby girl Harper.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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