My Fairy Child~His name was . . .

His name was Evan Mark P*, Junior, and he was as short as his name was long. Large brown eyes in a small tiny face. I called him my fairy child, and he enchanted me from the very first day.
Evan loved to maintain a serious expression. There was, however, a perpetual grin behind the eyes. It was difficult to stay somber, and very easy to smile, when he was near.
Having a discussion with him was an experience all in its' own. I never knew where it might lead.
"Mrs. Hood, is this good writing?"
"Well, Evan, it's better."
"But it's good, right?"
"I can't say that, Evan. Compared to what you have been turning in, yes it's good, but it's not the best you can do. Right?"
"No, ma'am, but it's good for today, isn't it?"
"Mrs. Hood?"
"What, Evan?"
"Do you like the name P*?"
"Yes, I do."
"Some people laugh at my last name. Does it make you feel like laughing?"
"No, darling," I reply smiling. "I think it's a good last name."
"Well, it makes me think of pickles. I wish I had one right now. Do you like pickles, Mrs. Hood?"
I never knew once we started where we were going to end up. It was that way with him. With Evan. My fairy child.


Chad said...

That is a great story.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nancy, such sweetness!!! What a beautiful post, and I love that you call him your fairy child ~ xxoo, Dawn

Kristen said...

oh man that made me giggle. Do i ever remember evan pickler! He would always run up to my dad, pulling on his pants leg "mr. mike mr. mike.." and then when dad would say "yes evan" he would start telling him a story that made no sense , but he would rush through it as if to not lose dad's attention, always looking up in approval. Dad use to laugh and nod along.

I also remember everyday at story time we would sit around you on the carpet as you sat in the rocking chair reading us books. Evan would take erasers and then by stretching the end of your panty hose on your toes he would shoot them across the room. Oh we would all die laughing!!! I'm sure even for you it was hard to maintain a stern face. ha
Thanks for the memories! i miss "The Land of Many Colors"!!

Nancy Hood said...

I do, too, KristenKracker, oh how I do, too~

hollibobolli said...

This was so sweet - and I love the way you wrote it.

Anonymous said...

OH BOY---don't I remember that kiddo! :) There are so many stories I can recall about Mr. Evan. Thanks for the reminder...I couldn't help but smile.

~Heather H.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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