If You Love Home Decor

then by all means, go check out the sites I have listed to the left under "Places I Go". Through Susie's site I blog hopped to others just like me that love to decorate, move things around, and look for cheap ways to make a house look beautiful. I think you'll enjoy them!! Happy blog hopping, girls!!!


Susie Harris said...

I just wanted to say thank you. It's sweet ladies like you that make this blogland so nice. I grateful for your comments, Susie H~

Chris said...

Your list looks just like mine. Great minds must think alike, eh? It makes me want to have a big blogging party and invite everyone on that list. Just think of the fun we'd have!

Lynne Griffies said...

Oh, you definitly have me blog-hopping! I spend entirely too much time on this!! But what fun!!!!

Blanca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always lovely to meet new people.

Have a blessed Day.


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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