Items For Sale!

Notice to all you sweethearts that would like a chance to purchase something before I open the doors to the rest of the world~the decision was made moments ago NOT to take the master bedroom bed and bookcases to Arizona. So, they are now for sale.These four bookcases can stand alone or together as you see them. The glassed piece is lit from within, as are the two bookcases. These pieces are heavy and in great shape. Bring someone to help you. It will take more than Johnny and another male to get them out. When we lived on Running Brook, I had the TV in our bedroom, thus having a bookcase on either side of the glassed unit. Let me know if you want them! $200 for all four SOLD
I love love love this bed. It's a Somma Softside California King and will have the bedding set, plus curtains with it. Headboard is also for sale. $250 for bed & bedding $60 for headboard NO LONGER FOR SALE

On my Flickr site, you'll find a set of items I'm pulling out and will be selling. The prices range from ten cents to two dollars. Click here to go that page~

Help me empty this house!! Bookcases and California king can go at any time. We have another bed to sleep on so you won't be putting us on the floor~


Wife to Ben & Mama to Lily said...

I didn't know ya'll were moving to Arizona. I just thought it would be somewhere else in town. What takes you there?

Nancy Hood said...

We weren't going~the furniture was going with one of our nephews, but he realized it would be too expensive to haul it out there :)

Wife to Ben & Mama to Lily said...

Oh good! Thought yall were moving away!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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