Still a Few Items

On my Flickr site you'll see snapshots of what's left. We're not taking my swing~so if anyone wants to give it a good home, please do so. I've loved spending time there, but there won't be room on our patio at the apartment and John promises to get me another at some point in time. These swings are $99 at Lowe's and the back folds down to make a swinging mattress. If you have $35, you can have a swing that's been loved.
Now we're just waiting for the okay to move into the apartment!! I'm already decorating it in my head and thinking of wall colors. Hopefully, we'll be moving in the next two weeks and having a yard sale the 21st of June. A few of my friends and Jenny are also bringing items to sell, so mark it on your calendar! You know the old saying, "the best laid plans of mice and men" well, I'm hoping everything goes according to plans {insert crossed fingers here!}
It's hot. Hot. Hot. And I am NOT a summer time gal. Lindsay and Jeremy came this afternoon with sweet Molly and I had to explain why the shutters and blinds were closed. Alabama Power just loves getting a check from us :) because we do like to keep it cool in this humble abode!! I would hate to do without a hot shower or air conditioning! That would be a nightmare.
I did so enjoy their visit and was tickled to see furniture leave with them!! I hope to spend more time with you, Lindsay, when we get moved in and settled. I would love to have you, Heather, and Jenny over with your girls and her boys. I think I need to plan on that! Molly is Ian's age and Audrey Kay is close to Noah's age.
It's been a quiet weekend and John is working on some items that need tending to before we move. Me? I'm just waiting for the packing to take place. Right now my job is to get rid of as much as possible and that's proving to be not so hard. I am trying, however, to look busy when John's around and kick back when he's not {insert a fat wink here!}


Haley said...

Mrs. nancy i know you just love that swing.... i think parting with it will be harder than parting with your house..... Eric was going to buy me one this summer (but with remodeling the bathrooms we were unable to) if you would like for us to just hold it for you until you get a new house we would be glad to do that for you! And if you just need a day to relax in it you could come over and sit out by the pool! :) If you really want to sell it then let me talk to eric and see if he will get it for me! I know he has $35 to spare. (We fell in love with the swing idea when we were at your house one day and he sat in it)!

Anonymous said...

I would love that too, Nan!!! Just tell us when and I will have Audrey Kay there for the play date.


Haley said...

do u want us to hold it for you so you will have it when you get a new house or should i send my wonderful hubby with cash? lol We have VBS until wednesday.... but when is a good time for you guys for us to come and get it.

Haley said...

When would be a good time to come and get the swing? You just let me know! :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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