Treated With a Visit

We have some great friends that came in this afternoon to spend a couple of days in central Alabama! They're from central Florida and on their way to south Louisiana! Yeah, I know, this isn't exactly on their way, but we're flattered they drove OUT of their way for a visit. Jim works full time, but uses his vacation time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. They are headed to Covington, LA to help build three homes! We are thoroughly enjoying their visit and have plans to show Sue Prattville tomorrow. They leave Tuesday and we'll miss them. What a blessing it is to keep up with them on a computer!! That works when phone calls get too expensive and snail mail is to slow. So here's to you and Sue, Jim, a great friendship, and many more years of laughter~

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Susie Harris said...

hey , They are coming to my neck of the woods. Great thing that they are doing! take care, Susie H

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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