Catching Up

Let's play Catching Up With Nancy. There were several snapshots on my camera from our last trip to Mississippi, along with a few I took this morning. So here we go~
Sweet 'Laina. She will be three this December and growing too quickly. Austin begins kindergarten this year and we're having a difficult time trying to figure out where the last five years went. Alaina likes getting outside, hugs, her big brother, and exploring. The child knows no fear and is such a curious little person! Can't wait to go over this month and take her some more 'pretties'! I love this little girl.

We stay with Leslie when we go over and she has such a calming and relaxing home. I sleep so good when we're with her and I always love it when she goes to help me find new pants and jeans! She and Jenny make it so easy for me. They say 'here, this will look good on you' and I just pay for it. Suits me. And it works. Now I'm looking forward to more time in her guest room! Yep, I'm in love with this little girl, too.
Guess who has a computer?! Mine hasn't gotten here yet and John's mouse hasn't been delivered, but it's so nice having computer access inhome again! The key pad takes some getting used to, but he had a grand time checking in with Bama Online this morning before the boys got here. John loves keeping up with the recruits. It's all Greek to me~but I am so in love with the man.
Ian Todd, holding his medal for being a winner with the YMCA. He's eating the ice cream cake the coach brought for the boys. His coach was a very patient and kind man, and for that we are grateful. Ian loved T-ball and is already talking soccer. He and Austin will both be on soccer teams this fall and I'm sure Alaina and Noah will be all over the side lines. The older Ian gets, the more he looks like his daddy, which is a good thing. Have I said lately how in love I am with this little man?
Noah James this morning watching the large dump trucks and other heavy equipment trudge up the hill to the construction sites. He was enthralled and kept running back inside to jabber about what was taking place. He stood in this same spot late this afternoon watching for his daddy to come get him. This child is so in love with his mommy and daddy! and his Nan is so in love with him.
and me. Ian took this a week ago when I went with Jenny and the boys to Montgomery. I'm learning to like this person. Prior to the accident I tried to be someone for everyone. So much so, that I never really knew who Nancy was. Jenny says I'm less vain and Leslie says I'm more honest since the accident. It's been a painful journey, one that continues.
The accident left many changes and along with issues in my extended family prior to the accident there has been much to think upon, pray over, and learn to make peace with. But remembering the Garden, its beauty and peace keeps me grounded and at peace with the choices of others. I've learned to enjoy this person that stares back at me in the mirror. She will never be the person of April 20, 2006 but she is no longer a victim. She is a survivor, a witness that Paradise is only a breath away, a miracle. She is me and I know what she's been through, where she went, and what she dreams of. There are many good days ahead.
Have a restful weekend filled with many moments of laughter~
POSTNOTE ~ ha ha John just read this and commented that I was always honest before. I didn't mean to infer that I wasn't, Leslie simply meant that I'm more straightforward now and don't mind telling the truth, even when the truth hurts. Before I would've kept silent for too many things. Interestingly enough, all three girls and John like this 'new' me better :)


Lynne Griffies said...

Hey Girlfriend,
I loved catching up with you. I had not checked your blog in awhile, so had several posts to read. I have not gotten any of my 'addition' pics on my blog yet! I seem to stay so busy trying to decide on doors, doorknobs, where to put outlets, where to put recessed lighting, etc, etc, etc. Just toooooo many decisions! :) And today I went furniture hunting--more decisions. I love your new dining room furniture. You are so right-- Paravicini's is a great place to shop for furniture.
Great pics--I really like that last one of you. And the pic of you and Alaina is so good, too.

Chad said...

If John is into the recruiting aspect of Bama football we would get along just fine. :) I bet he is just as excited as I am that fall camp has started.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Nancy and as always I'm blop hopping! After reading this particular post I am in tears, why -simply because of your words.... Your words have filled my heart this morning and allowed me to release things in myself that has been sooo hard to deal with this weekend. When I see you of course you know we will talk more but this has been a weekend of hard decisions for me, one where I have felt the sting of ultimate betrayal at the hands of a person I trusted, one when I have had to reach back and snatch some faith to endure. After reading your words of how you can look in the mirror and love the person that you are, I AM DETERMINED TO DO THE SAME! I am determined to love like He say love, forgive the way He says forgive and stand still and wait on His deliverance. I'm more determined now to live rather than run and stick my head in the dirt. Thank you for your honesty and letting me in your world. To everything there is a reason and He knew the day would come when I would need a word to make it through the next day sooo he put blog hopping in my path (smile). Again, thanks.
Your blop hopping friend

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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