It's been a really nice week. One of those where you feel like you got a lot accomplished. Didn't attain some goals I set for myself, but still got a lot finished that needed attention. Know what I mean?

Leigh (did I spell this right?!) Graham came by Cute As A Button this afternoon and it was so nice to take a break and chat with her. She had been to a funeral and was on her way home. Sad occasion, but wow, did she look great! I'm more accustomed to seeing her in work clothes. As my daddy would say, "she cleans up nice". ha ha You did look sharp, girl!

John is ready for the Alabama game tomorrow evening and has ordered the game and wanting some 'snacks' from the grocery. Ian has his first soccer game in the morning, if it isn't raining (like it is at the moment) and I intend to get in the garage and organize some boxes!! I've been putting it off and can't get park my cute little car in there until I finish.

Pray for those on the coast that will be affected when Hurricane Ike comes ashore tonight. May they be safe and may it cease in strength before becoming landbound.

Sleep good, and I'll check in with all of you a bit later this weekend~


Mrs. B said...

Hi Nancy! My kids start soccer this weekend too. Hope you have a good game! I've been watching the weather and am so worried about people down in Texas!

Graham Shenanigans said...

Thanks, Lady! thinking about taking those coupla days off that you gave me permission just to relax and have some Leigh-time!

It was great seeing you too. Maybe I will try to stop by on one of my days off and bring Chloe by....

Kristi said...

So far, I have a head count of 10-12, with 2 being maybes. Eastside Grill would be fine with me - they also have an outdoor dining area - if it isn't too hot! Then we can laugh and ham it up all we want!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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