2nd Post, Still in Love

they grow up too fast, these children
of our children. I wish
I could slow down time
so I can just, just one more time
smell the sweetness of their milk breath
watch them fall asleep as we rock,
and marvel
that they are the best parts
of everyone I've loved
and Noah, the baby, who isn't a baby
much any more
we try to keep him there
just as long as possible
they, who are so eager to strike out
and feel life,
and we, we want to hold on a bit longer
because to hold on means maybe,
just maybe,
we don't grow older.


Melissa Lester said...

You are such a sweet grandmother! Seeing your eyes light up with the boys was so precious. They are blessed to have you in their life!

Heidi said...


The Marks Family said...

Your blogs are so tender and beautifully written. They give me chill bumps and make me teary...in a great way. I LOVE YOU!!!

Lynne Griffies said...

Beautiful post! And I totally agree---they do grow up entirely tooooooo fast. :(

I love that last pic of Noah & Ian

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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