Second Post For Saturday~

Ever taken the time to think about your last 24 hours and think, "how did I ever have the energy to do all that?" Yeah, I thought you had.

Jen and Brandon went out of town and left the boys with Johnny Friday afternoon. They picked me up at the boutique at 6 pm and we went looking for pizza on a kids meal menu. After supper we went home to find that our a/c was NOT working!!! I dozed in the recliner until early morning to make sure no one came in on us while we slept. Yes,

it got so warm, even with the overhead fans, that we left the sliding door open to the screened in porch. And I wouldn't have thought twice about leaving it open all night, but

we don't have a second floor apartment. Once I got back in bed, I think I heard Noah each time he turned over or squirmed in his pack and play. Ah, I remember those early days with Jenny now.

The morning dawned bright and early with Ian asking me if it was time to get up. "No, sweetheart, it's only 5 and it's still dark" Again, one hour later, "okay you can watch kiddie shows if you promise not to wake Noah". Noah was awake by 7. John went out for doughnuts and chocolate milk while I found that there are not many decent cartoons on Saturday mornings!

Oh, lunch! It took almost four hours from the time Haley and I with two boys got to Eastside Grille for a luncheon with fellow bloggers in the tri-county area to get back home, but what fun it was! Ian had a blast being the only male in a gaggle of girls, but Noah chose to cling tightly to his Nan and ask repeatedly for his papi, which I thought we had, but didn't.

Left John with Noah while Ian and I took some time in the pool. It was cold!! By the time we got back to the apartment, John was in the throes of the Alabama-Kentucky game {and that only got worse}. Noah kept crawling up in his lap, saying, "Pa, I scared" each time John got vocal. Ian was glad to see Pa leave for a 12 hour shift at the mill so he could get back into the kiddie shows. I got them in their jammies after supper and a pizza break, and rocked Noah while waiting on mommy and daddy.

They're home now, safe and happy and bushed. John's at work. The a/c is working, but I have the door open listening to the night sounds. I can't help but think, and hurt, for

Rick and Jamie Norton. They lost their 13 year-old daughter yesterday afternoon. Her presence will be sorely missed. She collapsed around 4:30 at school and could not be revived. It was a struggle to not get emotional last night with the boys here when we got the news. So horribly sad. You know we use the word 'lost' when we speak of death, but

Skylar isn't lost. We know where she is. She grew up in the Cold Springs church of Christ congregation and was deeply loved and nurtured. I wish there were another word to use. The autopsy was 'inconclusive'. She will be buried in a small country cemetery where scores of other family members have been laid to rest. And her parents and younger brother will struggle for answers and comfort. If you're a believer, pray for them. It's been a very difficult weekend, but one also decorated with the laughter and love of two grandsons~

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