Brandon & Jenny had us over to celebrate Thanksgiving with them today. This is what I saw coming into their kitchen. Brandon is such a help to Jenny and even cleaned up after the meal. However, in this snapshot, he's carving the turkey! Ian loves to help his mommy set the table and this is what I saw going into their dining room! Each place setting had a place card that Ian had handwritten. Do I have to tell you how my heartstrings sang? I even asked Jen if I could bring 'Nan' and 'Pa' home. I want to save them and remember how special this child is to all of us.
A cute thing we noticed was that on Jenny's place card, Ian wrote "My mommy". This firstborn of theirs is growing much too quickly.
And this is my baby girl. The only pregnancy I was able to carry to term. Thank you, God, for this special child. She has brought me such joy and laughter through the years. I love her dearly.
Then, it got cute. Ian came dragging a large plastic container into the living area, telling Pa "let's put our costumes on!" First, he wanted me to take a snapshot of him in his pirate costume. Then, he dressed Pa.
What a beautiful man I am married to, one that allows a grandchild crawl all over him placing leis, masks, hats, and laughing the whole time at 'Pa, you are silly'.
I am so thankful for you, Johnny Hood, and will spend the rest of my natural life loving each minute I have with you. Thank you for the laughter and smiles and heart memories you made this afternoon with Ian, Noah, and the one that watched it through a camera lens.
You didn't even flinch when Ian had you put on the Yoda hat. I am so in love with you.
Jenny took Noah to get his hair cute yesterday and both of us were dreading it. I was happy to see that it looks really good, although there aren't as many curls. It's definitely shorter, but still our curlicued baby. One day, we'll tease him about these paci's but for now, I shall do all I can to keep him little. Yes, sweet Noah, I'll sneak a paci to you, but sshhh, don't tell mommy and daddy.
And after our tummies were filled, we played 'Restaurant' with Ian and Noah with the play kitchen and food. After I went upstairs and played on the computer with Ian and Noah, while Pa visited with Jenny and Brandon. And after we got the kitchen partially cleaned and we were ready to leave, I snapped this of the two that made today possible. Thanks, Brandon and Jenny. It was a day to remember.


Jenny said...

My place card said "My Mom" since he has to write the "my" of "mommy" on top :)

Love, love, LOVE the pictures of Dad - too funny!!!!!

Nancy said...

Oh, now I 'get it'! Still, it was too sweet!! It was a fun day, thank you so much!

sam1958spot said...

What a fantastic time! Once again, your family is so wonderful. Someday I will find someone as wonderful as Johnny and never have to live without love again. I have the faith, courage and determination.
My move is coming soon. Hope you hear from you soon. Love you with all my heart and hope you have the happiest of holidays!

sam1958spot said...

Wishing you and your wonderful family the best of holidays. You are truly blessed, as I am to have met you. Love you all!

Heather said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Mr. Johnny was such a good sport with all the "dress-up" going on. The picture of you and Jen is great! You both look wonderful!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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