I'm praying for this, but know that the following to be something I can definitely believe to take place~

By the end of the day today, we will know a lot about the future of the United States . You might be surprised to learn that I am about to predict the outcome - I am about to predict what will happen after the election. Before the votes are counted, even before the voting booths close, I can predict with 100% accuracy that the following things will happen
1. The Bible will still have all the answers.
2. Prayer will still work.
3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
4. God will still inhabit the praise of His people.
5. God will still pour out His blessings upon His people.
6. There will still be God-anointed teaching and preaching.
7. There will still be singing of praise to God.
8. There will still be room at the Cross.
9. Jesus will still love His own.
10. Jesus will still save the lost.

Whatever the outcome of this election, remember, God is still in control. Today, tomorrow, forever... God is still in control.

Thank you, Sherrie, for sharing this with us tonight!


Judy said...

One of THE BEST things I have read on any blog lately!! It is true! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Lisa Ann said...

Amen! I am praying for McCain to but even if he doesn't win we know the Lord is still in control.

Heather said...

Amen, Amen, Amen! Well said!

Jo-Anne said...

If only people would embrace these simple facts.

Kristen said...

that was awesome! November 4th, 2008 will be day we can tell our kids about. I hope chaos does not fall on us now. This is a scary time.

p.s i updated my blog. 8-)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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