I've shown our sweet Alaina as Tinkerbell,
Austin as superhero SpiderMan,
now check out Ian as Indiana Jones,
and our curliqued Noah as a Golfer!
I.Am.So.In.Love! Isn't the realm
of Grandmotherhood
a beautiful one, Judy?!
And Lynne? Anita?
If you're a follower, or a lurker, and you are a grandparent
do leave me a comment and let me know how many,
along with the ages of your oldest and your youngest.
And have a beautiful, blessed weekend~


The Feathered Nest said...

OMGoodness Nancy! As a soon-to-be grandma I cannot BELIEVE these precious babes...what adorable sweeties they are! xxoo, Dawn

Leah said...

Sweet boys!! I can't make it again to Lunch Bunch...we're heading on vacation that day!! Maybe next time!! Hope you're feeling well!

Heidi said...

OOHHHHH! How cute...
Sean was Indiana Jones. I will post the picture soon. Are you bringing him to lunch bunch this time. He and Sean will get along great!

Melissa Lester said...

They are adorable! And deserving of every sweet treat that comes their way!

Susie Harris said...

Awwww, Nancy! You have some cuties on your hands... watch out hearts, smile. Take care my sweet friend~

Lynne Griffies said...

Motherhood is beyond beautiful. There are just no words to describe it.

Ian and Noah are just adorable. I love these pics.

And I love you!

The Marks Family said...

I'm not a grandmother (and don't hope to be for a long time :) ), but I am a mommy and know a cute kid when I see one. These are some VERY CUTE kids! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Lynne Griffies said...

I meant to say GRANDMOTHERHOOD in my last comment. Of course, motherhood is wonderful, but it is grandmotherhood that is beyond wonderful!

Anonymous said...

And Aunthood is good, too, especially if it is to two precious twins. Although they are not officially mine, I have been awarded "Aunt Grandma-hood". They were a Ladybug (Claire) and a Hunka Chunka Man (Jonah). And aren't they all so cute? Yours theirs and all. Every visit is a new adventure with any of them. Enjoy! The other Nancy and John

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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