We traveled to Brandon, Mississippi to see Stacey and Leslie, and our grandbabies!! The trip over was overcast and it began to rain not long after we arrived. We had such a nice time snuggling Austin and Alaina, and went to sleep listening to the wind kicking up outside. This morning we had breakfast and after a little more visiting, left driving home. Johnny wanted to watch the Alabama game on home turf. Coming home, the sun was shining, but the temp was dropping! It's 6 pm and we're settled in, waiting on the game to begin. Thank you, Stacey and Leslie, for another awesome time in your homes. We love you so much and look forward to seeing you again soon!!

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Kelly said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your daughters and grandkids.
Good Luck to your team. Ours (Buckeyes) won today 30-20 to Illinois.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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