Finally, finally! we have begun decorating for Christmas. I am not ready to post snapshots yet but will in the next few days. We both love this time of the year and will be spending Christmas Day, plus the following three days, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! Yes, we are too excited. We took Leslie and Jenny up there one Christmas and it snowed! Had our little tree, stockings, gifts, and a very special time together. Of course, that was back in the day when Gatlinburg shut down for Christmas Day. We finally found Big Boy {and early Shoneys} open in Pigeon Forge. Now? Everything is open when you get hungry and the town never sleeps. You'll be seeing snapshots from that trip as well.

On another note, we are under some severe weather watch. No, not snow. Drat. It's been raining here for several hours now and it appears to be in west Alabama at the present time. Sure wish it could become snow before entering our county! {and yes, I'm really hoping that happens!}

Have a beautiful Wednesday and find many moments to laugh~

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Jenny said...

I thought we went up to Ober Gatlinburg on Christmas Day...or was it just in the same trip?

I must say that aside from the year I got 3 Cabbage Patch kids or the year I got 2 bikes (I was NOT spoiled, just from a divided/blended family) that is one of my fondest Christmas memories. I can NOT wait until the year the boys' toys get small enough that we can pack up and spend Christmas up there with them.

I just realized that neither of the boys have been to Gatlinburg yet!!!! We need to change that. And, I need to go get ready for school instead of reading your blog :) Love you!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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