8 Shows That I Watch
House Hunters
Reba reruns
Still Standing reruns
Late Night with Jay Leno
Law & Order, Criminal Intent
The Batchelor/Batchelorette
The Today Show

8 Favorite Restaurants
The Olive Garden
Logan's Roadhouse
Ruby Tuesday
Various Mexican eateries
3D Dogs
Fanci Free {they have the best salads!}

8 Things I Did This Weekend/Week
Had lunch with Jenny & the boys
Helped out at Cute As A Button
Read Auburn's sorry excuses for dismissing Tubs {I do NOT believe he resigned willingly}
Had dinner with some best girlfriends!
Laughed at Noah and Ian's antics
Sent Alaina some outfits
Went to Nelson's for ribs!
Prayed often for the young families affected by Int'l. Paper's ten-day layoff {and another is coming Dec 20th and will last into January}

8 Things I Look Forward To
Going back to Paradise, and then to Heaven
Taking our daughters & their families to Disney World
A cruise up the Alaskan coastline with dear friends
More grandchildren
Johnny's retirement
Tomorrow, and the day after that, and the . . .
Going back to Paradise and ~ oh, I already said that!

8 Things On My Wish List
Leave this Earth before our daughters & their families
Continued good health
Own a condo in Gatlinburg
Exercise more ~ yeah, right
Buy a 2005 BMW 325i
Eat at home more
For America to return to 'One Nation Under God'
Have an apartment in Brandon, MS

I tag Jenny, Heather, Jennifer, Leigh, and anyone else wanting to think seriously about your hopes and dreams~

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Haley said...

your order came in on friday. i had it in my car at church today but when church was over i didnt see you guys. i will have it at church tonight. Jenny said if u were not able to make it tonight then i could give it to her and she would get it to you. :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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