In keeping with all of you that are posting beautiful snapshots of your home this time of year, dressed in its holiday finery, I shall attempt to get snapshots of our home online today. At some point today. Maybe.

You see, John let me sleep until almost 11 am and I'm moving s-l-o-w. It feels good. I've polished off a cup of coffee and a bowl of Rice Chex, read the paper, checked email, and will soon go get out of my jammies. This is not what I'd planned for Saturday morning, but I have to tell you, it feels really really good. Thanks, John. You always know what I need.

I began pulling out more Christmas decor when I got in last night, but quit when I realized my feet were tired. My body was tired. And the recliner, along with the taco salad I brought home for supper, was looking good. Here's hoping I can garner enough energy to follow through with showing you our Christmas home!!

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