Let It Snow~

Oh how I would love to live here,
or here!
Yeah, I'd love this view~
and this house!
or this backyard.
I'm a bit picky as to what kind of snowy scene
I would love to live in.
I would get a choice.


Stacia said...

That is weird about your signature boxes all messing up...mine messed up a couple of days ago too, but they didn't all dissapear. I'll get busy making your new one :-) I love all those snowy pictures!! But you're right...that last one makes you stop and think about how much snow you'd really want to have to deal with :-)

Melissa Lester said...

Merry Christmas, Nancy! Those snowy scenes look dreamy, and they seems a million miles away from our mild Alabama weather. But it is a blessing to play outside with new bicycles in short-sleeved shirts.

Thank you for passing my site along to SL. That was so kind of you, and I feel so honored that you would take the time to do that.

Happy Holidays!

Kelly said...

I love those pictures. So beautiful. I am picky about it too. I do love the snow too. We did not have any for Christmas this year. :( And today (in Ohio) it was 70 degrees. What is that about???
You must have visited my blog while I was changing the font color. Sorry that you could not read it. ;) It is fixed now. Thanks!!! :)
And of course I do not mind at all if you have the same motto as we do. That is AWESOME!!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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