Today was Ian's 5th birthday & my mother's 79th.
We met at Ian's favorite eatery, which just happens
to have a playground!
Here are snapshots from this morning~
Nelson inhaled the helium,
and began singing the tune from "Oz"
"we represent the Lollipop kids, the Lollipop kids,
the Lollipop kids" which of course
was in a high, nasal voice!
Ian found this extremely funny, as we all did.
Some of us laughed until tears ran.
which caused Ian to look for a balloon
he could inhale from! {He didn't get one.}James Nelson {Jim} brought mom into Prattville
and we caught up with his dreams.
He will be enrolling in culinary school
after the New Year!! Then of course, there was the Slide!
and the playground
surrounded by nets and tubes!
When Noah saw me taking shots,
he cried, "Nan!", then posed for me~
Even after a recent haircut,
he still has his curls.
Thank you, God, for small favors~ The snapshot above was too funny.
Mom was trying to get him to lean over
for a picture. The look on Noah's face
was priceless.Above are three beautiful men,
inside and out.
Ian wanted a Bat Car to go with his Bat Cave.
Happy Birthday, Mom~
and Happy Birthday, Ian Todd!


Haley said...

Im so glad you guys had a woderful day!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday to them both!!

Lynne Griffies said...

Such good pics---and what a sweet pic of you and your mom.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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