This past week our daughter, Leslie, came in a few days early with her pup, Marley to celebrate Christmas! It was a great time and we loved having her here for some extra time. However, she came down with the stuffy nose yuck that is running rampant around here, so there are no pictures she will allow me to post of her. I did not have my camera with me during our time at Jenny's home and am hoping Stacey and Jenny will post some soon,
so I can borrow them and share with you! I am not sure why some of the pictures came up much smaller than the other :/
This is Alaina and Johnny not long after they got to our home Saturday. This was taken before we went to Jen's to celebrate.
The food, the presents and lots more space were up there!
Our gift to her was a pink Leapster and it grabbed her attention! Sunday evening, Austin went to Friendship Farm and the two oldest grandsons had the grandest time together.
We were led in the song 'Father Abraham' and Ian really began getting into it. Austin wasn't too sure about it all, but didn't spend much time on the bench. He began to feel comfortable real quick.
Johnny plays the part of a character, Tiger Hood, and here's a shot of Austin first getting a glance of 'Pa' coming in posing as a golfer.
As a visitor, Austin got to go up and take a shot on the putting green.
He made a hole in one!
and he began to warm up with the movements of the songs~
Afterwards, I was able to get the boys
to stand with Bernard the Barnyard Dog!
Just before I left, Ian hugged me and said, 'Nan, get a picture of me'.
My pleasure, sweet Ian~ They left Monday and while the girls were packing the car, Austin began playing with the cars. From a little bitty thing, he has loved cars and trucks. Here he has built an avenue made of cars in order for him to have a route for his larger Jeep and camper to drive on. I'm not sure why he didn't use the blocks to build this road, but whatever works I guess.
and this is one of my favorites taken of the boys~


Kelly said...

what a great time for you all.
I can not wait to see more from Jenny's house.
Those boys are going to be super close. (it looks like they might be already)
Thanks for sharing.
Friendship Farm looks like fun too.

Kelly said...

Hello again...I tagged you over on my blog. :) Anxious to see your answers. HUGS

Heidi said...

The kids are so adorable. I remember when my nephew were little before I was married with kids, they had so many cars like that we used to use them to spell out their names.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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