We are staying here at Olde Gatlinburg,
top floor on your left, corner unit.
The very top window is the master,
and our covered porch is to the left
of the window, with open railing.
(The window directly unders ours
is for the unit under ours, and
their porch is half-walled.)
We have a two bedroom/two bath,
but Nelson & Glenda backed out
with the news of the snow & ice. So,
we're enjoying a large condo! Alone.
I miss him.
He's my bud.
And John's best friend.
In fact, John called him twice today
to tell him to drive up
and we'd buy a unit together. I'll let you know if he comes.
We drove to Cades Cove after a late breakfast.
Where we saw lots and lots
of deer, lots of turkey, but no
bears. I think they must be asleep.
The scenery was so beautiful,
the setting so serene and peaceful.
We fell in love, all over again.
Coming back into town, we decided
to eat at Bennett's and while John
got a ribeye steak and ribs, I got
chicken and ribs, of which we brought
enough home for dinner tomorrow ~
while we watch the Super Bowl!
The only way it could get any better
would be to have these little ones,
along with our girls & their sweet men~
Maybe one day soon,
that will happen.

Continue reading for a look
at the other side of Mt. Rushmore!
Thanks to Lisa McMichael,
I now know what it looks like!

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Holly said...

Wow that third photo is fantastic! It looks like it could be a postcard! I wish my pictures turned out that nicely! :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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