Austin has the flu.
I think he needs his Nan and Pa
to come see him and bring some
fresh Prattville air~
and I think his mommy said
he had the flu shot. Poor baby~
and Alaina has had a haircut,
and found her mommy's lipstick~
These next snapshots are ones
that Stacey posted on Facebook,
and I borrowed to share with you!
These were in January when we
celebrated our Christmas~
Alaina and John were playing
'Put the Hat On Pa'
and John was losing~
Noah gives this look to Santa, too.
It's that "Don't touch the kid" look,
and you will definitely get it
if you try to bother him when he's eating.
Especially if the food is chocolate~
One of my favorites is reading to them.
I'm so glad they humor me this way~
Here's a picture of Austin,
before he got sick in March.
I like that smile~
and 'laina is a cuddler,
if you can get her still for a moment~
and me? I am just happy and blessed
to have these people in my life.
and if my prayers are answered,
there shall be more little ones
for our Christmas next year~

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Mandi said...

I was assigned your name for The Favorite Things Swap. Fitting since I've been a stalker (blog stalker) for quite some time now! Your package will be in the mail tomorrow! Hope it makes you smile, Mandi

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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