The Park~

Here are a few snapshots I took tonight,
of our home, in the 'castle'~
It's raining outside. Still.
But it's warm, dry,
and oh so cozy inside.
Dreaming kind of weather~
I found this great ottoman at Kirkland's,
and Ian has already stretched out on it
while watching a movie with Pa~
The drapes? On sale, at Penney's.
They look better than this shows,
full, romantic, a bit exotic~
and my view from the computer,
as I sat down to rest.
How many of you, like me,
love the way your home looks at night,
with candles and the glow of a lamp~
when you know the one you love,
loves you and you're safe
and you're home. and you know that dreams do come true~


Haley said...

Love the new apartment and LOVE the curtains!

Daniel and Shawna Hatfield said...

Your new home is beautiful!!!

Laurey said...

Beautiful home....very warm and inviting. And yes...I agree...I love my house at night with the lamps on and candles burning...home is always where the heart is.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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