This Child of Mine

 Isn't she beautiful?
This daughter of ours.
Pregnant, so contented~
I've seen this snapshot,
but looked at it once more
when I visited their blog tonight.
Everything she dreams of
has come true for her.
My baby is having a baby.
And I am so in love,
still so in love,
with this child of mine,
and with her babies~
Oh, little one to be,
I cannot wait to meet you.


Haley said...

I cant wait to meet the little one either!

Jenny said...

Thanks for making me tear up this morning :) I love you -

Heather said...

You are right, she is beautiful- inside and out. She deserves for all of her dreams to come true! I am so thrilled for all of you. I can't wait to meet their little miralce either (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a girl!)

Also, I thought you'd get a chuckle out of Audrey's shinanigans. She is such a little clown these days. Sending you lots of love!

Melissa Lester said...

What a sweet, happy little family! Hooray for another blessing from heaven!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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