Let's Help Jerry's Kids~

May 7th, I will be 'locked up' for Jerry's kids.
Those of you that I have an email address for have already been sent a note asking for your help. I will be "arrested, escorted by police to a local holding area, given a bite to eat, and held under house arrest until bond has been reached". Please help by sending a donation to this awesome cause.

Here are some statistics ~
**MDA is a national voluntary health agency working to defeat neuromuscular diseases through programs of worldwide research,
comprehensive services, and far-reaching professional & public health education.
**MDA has been recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award for "significant and lasting contributions to the health and welfare of humanity".
**Tens of thousands of people affected by neuromuscular diseases visit MDA's 225 hospital-affiliated clinics and 37 ALS/MDA centers every year.
**MDA dedicates 77 cents of every dollar it spends directly to services.
**MDA sent more than 4,200 kids with neuromuscular diseases to MDA summer camps in 2008, at a cost to MDA of $800 per camper. There is no charge to campers' families.
MDA provide vital services such as:
**MDA Summer Camp - A magical week of fun
**Outpatient Clinics- Families see the top specialists for their disease
**Medical Equipment - Providing mobility and independence through communication devices, wheelchairs and leg braces
**Support Groups - Families and the people MDA serve sharing and caring together
**Research - Hope for the future

The one having me arrested chose to remain anonymous, however I am proud to do what I can to help this worthy cause. Please help me help Jerry's kids by clicking on the above picture. This will take you to my website where you can donate with a listed amount or one of your choosing. May we all take time to acknowledge our many blessings and the One that makes everything possible~
with love,

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Anonymous said...

Great cause, very cool

Anonymous said...

Jerry's kids has been one of my favorite charities for years, I am happy that you support them

Nancy said...

thank you!!!

Daniel and Shawna Hatfield said...

This is an awesome thing that you are doing! And thank you for the prayers and kind words.

I did my page but I used Delightful Dots...the link is at the top left of my page.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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