Okay, Stacia, get busy fixing me a signature tag!! I have a new look for Spring!

It's been a busy week with its moments of stress, but more moments of love and pure happiness. And laugher. Like today, when Raymond Elliott stopped in at Cute As A Button and asked if Johnny had installed rollers on my furniture yet. Yes, he had to tease me about the moves we make. But we continue to have fun and we are loving The Park as much as we loved our home on Spruce.

Tonight, after dinner at Logan's!, we moved a few more items and although I have yet to get up from the couch and begin arranging them, it's so nice knowing we are closer to having it look like home. Penney's had some drapes on sale that we purchased tonight, along with coverings for the two front windows. These are of a style we have never ever had, but we both like them. Can't wait to see what the girls think :) I found a picture of the ones we'll use at the two back windows, but the ones I think our daughters will raise their eyebrows at are sold only at the stores. I'm hanging one pair tomorrow and will let you know what it looks like later this weekend! The other pair is being shipped from two other store locations.

We also got two down comforters, much like what our daughter Leslie, has on her guest bed. I do hope it's as comfy as hers!! Then, we wandered over and got a set of luggage that has been sorely needed and we pray will be needed the first few weeks of summer. Yeah, did some damage at Penney's BUT what we bought was 50% off and we got an additional 15% from a card we 'scratched off' at the register. John says that I work hard at trying to keep the economy boosted. Think he's complimenting me?!

Our internet access worked great this morning BUT was off once more when John tried to use it late this afternoon. My laptop refused to connect as well. Tonight, about 10 mine came on! John's didn't. Would someone puleese tell us how to best communicate with Knology?! Rarely have I been so frustrated with a company.

How many of you got the latest Ballard's catalog?! I love this idea for our Master bath. I don't intend to hang the curtains but love the way this looks with the shelves and prints. We have quite a few framed prints from local Gatlinburg artists and I'd like to use them in here. Stay tuned as I intend to get this accomplished by the end of the weekend! and to end with a family snapshot, here's our Leslie with her pup, Marley. I'm in love with them both, but love my peanutbutter baby more~

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