strong storms
low 64 degrees F
precip: 100%
tornado watch until 5 am
saturday, march 28th

So, this is what I saw tonight
when I looked up our weather forcast.
Meridian, MS is being pounded
as I write this. We spoke with Leslie,
earlier, and there was much damage
in a small town where friends live.
It will be interesting to see
how many times the sirens go off
tonight and through tomorrow.
This small town of ours
still becomes fearful when storms
roar through ~ making national news
wasn't fun for east Prattville in '08.
Now John & I reside in east Prattville.
Just might be an interesting time~
On a funnier note! Ian came into Jenny's room this morning, asking her to help 'untangle him'. She posted these snapshots on their blog tonight and I laughed out loud when I saw them. Don't you just love kids?! Apparently, he got to playing with his Mardi Gras beads and couldn't decide how to get them off.
Yeah, he's tangled up pretty good.
I'll let you know how we fared with the coming storms.
Let me know what happened at your house!

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures are hilarious. I hope everyone fares well in the storms. love you!

Jenny said...

We lost the trampoline last night...may the quickest loss of a Christmas present ever :-S I heard some metal scraping at some point last night...turns out it was the poles scraping across the gravel. It ended up in a jumbled mess in our side yard. Brandon said some of the poles are totally snapped in 2, so there's no saving it. Yet, Brandon's john boat, several lightweight dump trucks and the plastic playset that's not staked down are exactly where they were last night.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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