Finally, the nice man came today and finished hooking us up. When he left Saturday morning, we had cable but only cable. No phone, no Internet access. There was some snafu with switching the total package, but as long as The Hood had his television he was good to go. Now me? Well, you know I love my computer. Almost as well I love ~

THE SNOW WE GOT YESTERDAY IN CENTRAL ALABAMA!!!! I know, I know, there were lots and lots of other places in Alabama that got snow. But you know what? I wasn't there. But where I was, it snowed! John woke me up at 6:30 am saying, from the bedroom window, "hey, Nance, guess what's outside?" Of course, I had to bounce up and grab the camera. Here's some pics of the views from our apartment. And then I went back to bed and slept until almost 3 pm. It.was.one.of.those.sleepy.days. Not one of my best, those kind never are ~ a residue from the accident that John and I are learning to deal with. But the snow was there when I got up and we went out in it for a bit.

So much mud had washed in from the outlying construction areas Saturday (the weather was horrid Saturday, with lots and lots of rain and lots and lots of wind!) that when the snow began melting, there was just more muck and mess. The Park guys got right on it this morning, though, and once more it's looking good. We are loving it here and can see ourselves not going anywhere else. Unless it's to Gatlinburg, and then I have promised John that we will purchase a place that is furnished. He and Nelson are making ugly faces at me more and more lately. And I'm sure I have no idea why! {and yeah, I'm winking. and grinning.}

There are lots of pics on Facebook of friends and family sharing their views of the snow. Hope you got snow as well!!! Enjoy our snapshots and since I have been offline a while, there's a bit to catch up with. But ~

I am presently watching Molly and Melissa vie for Jason's affections and am seriously rooting for Molly. There are more posts to come, but they will have to wait. I don't know if I mentioned it, but these were taken at 6:30 and it was still snowing when I got up. I don't know when it began to snow, but there isn't much on the ground at this time. When I got up a couple of hours later for a bowl of cereal, there was lots!!!

The view from our front door, through the Juliet balcony~
And there's my cute little car. Oh, how I love getting this sweet thing on the interstate and driving it. Thanks Leslie and Johnny, it's truly a driver's car and you guys knew it ~

This is the view from the balcony you saw above. It is looking toward the front area of the Clubhouse and Office~
Johnny's Bronco looks funny to me. I zoomed in from the porch trying to get a better shot, and only ended up having it look like one of Noah's little cars with snow on it~
Again, looking toward the Common's Area in front of the Office~
This is the view straight across from the balcony looking west~
This shot was taken from one of the kitchen windows. There aren't screens, so I was able to get a clear shot~
Looking out the back into the inner courtyard. You can tell the snow has just begun accumulating. You can also see the construction and the M.U.D. Thank you, Pam at The Park, for pressure washing our steps and building so we don't have mud caked on them anymore!!

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