I have been waiting for these pictures,
and here they are! Our trip to Mississippi!!
To see what the Maddox's are expecting!
The trip where we found out it's a girl!
After the ultrasound and lunch, we came back to Stacey & Brett's
so the kids could spend some time together.
Alaina is really into 'princess' dressing
and hugging her Pa. Noah was absent
much of this time, as there were lots of trains
to play with in Austin's room!
Here's another of our sweet 'Laina~
and the one below is my very favorite~
I am so in love.
Obviously, there's a movie on the TV,
but you can tell Alaina and Noah
are really trying to give us their attention.
Here's hoping you and yours
have had a restful and refreshing weekend
and that this week is one of your most favorite!

1 comment:

Graham Shenanigans said...

See, she's been building that hope chest for a reason. Congratulations!!! I know yall are so excited!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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