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It's always heart warming to me to read of inspirations in our world and I read of another one this morning. The Feathered Nest is a spot I love to visit and I always leave a better person for having brought a bit of Dawn Edmonson back with me. She has written of a friend of hers that came to the edge of losing her business, only to work hard, do without, and make a return with hard work, determination, and faith. She did this without a government bailout or whining. Here's a bit about her ~Dawn Dallaire ~ the owner of Clearly Fun Soap; successful business owner. Dawn was awarded Business Person of the Year for Georgia in 2008 and right after winning, lost $200,00 dollars when Linen 'N Things went belly up and bailed on debts. Dawn's company overhead was drastically affected, and she went without a paycheck for nine months (take THAT overpriced execs, AIG, GMC and Ford MotorCompany!). Slowly, but surely, Clearly Fun Soap is recovering. A wonderful team of workers, and family members are bringing it back. CNN and Brook Baldwin recently interviewed Dawn to learn more of her survival story.

Visit her website. The soaps are too cute, shipping and handling are cheap, and you'll be helping someone much like yourself. I think you'll want a bit of everything, just as I do!

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For you Bunco girlfriends, check this soap out!! Bunco Babe Bar Soap ~ you gotta have it!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nancy, you are such an angel!!!! Thank you so much for blogging about my sweet friend Dawn!!!! I'm so very proud of her! She just told me that she received an email from you and read it on her phone but when she returned to the office to answer you it was gone from her you mind forwarding it again to her as she wants to answer is her address! Thank you again dear friend, you are the best!!! xxoo, Dawn

Stacia said...

These soaps are so cute! Thanks for the link and what a great story of determination and faith.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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