My friend, Judy, has found another delightful place to spend some time, get great decorating ideas, and placed it all within our reach. I have added this blog to my list of favorites over on the left, but thought I would highlight it here so those of you that only read 'updated feeds' without visiting my site will see it.

Sherry and John Petersilk have transformed their ranch and will take you on an eye candy journey as they share what they have accomplished. I think my favorite is the before and after of their bedroom, which Judy shares on her site. Here's the pics ~

After ~ is this not peaceful and calm?!I have not taken the time yet to read through this new blog site, but I can bet you I will this weekend when things calm down a bit around here. Love these sites that take a bit and do a lot. Much like our own Layla, here on Wetumpka Street! The little cottage that was/is for sale beside them is being rented at this time. Layla is helping with the renovation and you'll find it refreshing and interesting as well. Scroll through her recent posts to see before and after pics of this charming cottage. Enjoy ~

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Looks nice.


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