Going a Bit Fast, Weren't We?

So I was driving home
and this policeman pulls me over.
Walking up to my door, he asked
if I had been driving fast.
Of course
I said "No!"
and I think
he may have believed me,
if he hadn't looked in the back seat
and seen my dog.

{I was going back through the first blog we had and found this. I laughed out loud. Again. And I noticed that blog is different than this blog. Longer posts and more of a variety. Has your blog changed since you first began?}


wpb said...

Good one, funny, love dog humor

linda said...

Sooo cute! Thanks for the good laugh on a Monday morning.

Yes, my blog has changed over the last year too. I'm noticing I seem to write less about me and my feelings lately...and more about decorating stuff. I think a little bit of both would be perfect.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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