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I just returned from spending three days with a dear friend. She sold her home here, purchased a dream home, and asked if I would follow her as the movers took everything she owned south to the Gulf Coast. Of course I said yes!! What follows are a few snapshots I took to show you what we accomplished in a 48 hour period. There are items she will purchase and ideas we're still bouncing around in our heads, but the bulk is done and she is happily residing there as I type. Ah Deborah, it was hard work but such fun. I look forward to returning, shopping, eating, and walking on the sand and listening to the surf ~ for those are things we didn't have time to do this time! But there are trips to be made!

Coming in the front door, you come into the living area ~ note the gorgeous views! We got Deborah's items in place, then went to Kirklands, and a few consignment furniture shops. Gulf Shores is a mecca for shopping and outlets, let me tell you! Below is a snapshot as we were finishing up in the living area. Note the leather chair! Yay, Kirklands!

Here's the After shot as I got ready to leave Friday. Deborah had just hooked up the stereo and DVD player and was trying to get it all in working order once more. The framed maps are old and we thought they looked smashing over the mantle. There is an awesome view from each window! Who needs coverings? And the porch wraps around 3/4 of the house! The kitchen. Uplights as well as down. Beautiful tile work. Knobs are dated, but replaceable. With her travels during the military years, we were able to place many items that held sentimental memories for her. She quickly put her mark on this house, and it shows.

This was one of my favorite kitchen vignettes. The dining room opened to a part of the porch she plans to use as an 'eating porch'. There is a gas outlet, which she intends to hook up very soon for grilling! Have I told you she's an awesome cook? Just ask those that visit and are treated to a meal! Light fixture is dated, but again, replaceable! Don't you love those inexpensive ways to make a place look better?! Here's the after snapshot. Above the soon to be filled wine rack, are two framed cork collections. This tied the corner in beautifully! I predict many meals with laughter here.
The Master Bedroom. Wow, talk about an open area! We should all dream of rooms like this. The previous owner left a beautiful iron gate piece that Deborah decided to keep as a headboard, and I seconded the idea. Again, she's thinking about a rug, a chaise, and live flowers. We watched carefully each night and realized that none of the nearby neighbors had windows that faced hers! The vegetation is beautiful, shady and yet she is within a rocks throw of neighbors. It's a beautifully planned community~ and after we moved some of her items in~ the bed is to the right in a huge sleeping nook.
I returned home yesterday afternoon, but before I left we drove down Hwy 59 to the Shrimp Basket. If you've never eaten there, it's a treat. I am not used to a constant wind blowing, which is what happened the closer one gets to the Gulf. I could smell the salt, and of course there were the gulls. Food was good, friendship priceless, and a safe trip on top of that. I look forward to many more, and I'm taking Johnny just in case he wants to purchase the home next to Deborah. As much as our daughters love the beach, I think they would love a second home there more than they would in Gatlinburg. Hey John? There are several homes for sale there! {wink,wink}
Oh, did I say Gulf Shores is a mecca for shopping, eating, and relaxing?! See you soon, girlfriend!! You may have unleashed a monster~


Anonymous said...

It is pretty nice. Glad you had a good time

Heather said...

Deborah has a BEAUTIFUL place. I'm so happy for her. And what a great friend you are to help her with all of that :).

Haley said...

the shrimp basket..... thats only a few blocks from the high school i went to.... we always loved to eat their before we headed to the beach (after school)... :) their coleslaw with the shrimp in it.... yum yum!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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