Home Projects~

I have seen this on HGTV and other blogs,
however I do not paint straight, or curvy, lines well.
So I asked a friend if she could do one for me ~
and increase the size by a couple of feet.
She did. I like it. It was dirt cheap.
I didn't have to worry about painting.
One home project completed.
Now all I have to do is paint the back wall,
finish bringing in items for the shelf,
and find a way to take a picture where
the wall color doesn't look washed out.
Mentioning home projects, head over to
Joys of Home to see how one woman
took a gift of old silver and turned it
into a beautiful part of her kitchen.
Lynne Griffies, I thought of you
and your beautiful kitchen
when I saw this idea~


Heidi said...

you are so creative.
I would love for you to join us foe lunch and I am sure Leigh would too. She invited me, but sadly it has not worked out for us the last two weeks. We were busy last week and this week we have all had the tummy bug going around... I am better! Just taking care of sick babies now. Sean today :(

Lynne Griffies said...

I just love that wall monogram. It looks fantastic! And what a great idea with the silverware.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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