Just a Gallon of Paint~

Before ~
After ~
I just love how a gallon of paint
can change the look, the feel,
the ambiance of a room~
Now the baskets, artwork, iron decor
just pops against a darker color.
It's also in photographs that you notice
the little things you missed,
like painting above the fridge!
(Or that I forgot to make sure the paint tray
was thrown away and the ingredients
for the apple tart weren't out on the counter.)
You know, those little everyday things
you overlook on an everyday~
Now the old window has a new look
against a darker color~
The laundry looks richer, and there's finally
finished decor above those cabinets!
And I am loving having this set
on pedestals! I don't have to bend over
to get the wash in and out! Awesome.From there, I moved to the wall behind the TV.
Got the shelf and mirror hung, items added,
and I'm really liking it. Really, liking it.
Again, it's the photographs where you notice
things like that throw should be arranged a bit
and the mirror appears streaked, and
there needs to be a large plant to the left of the TV.
I didn't realize how difficult it is to get a decent photo
of a mirror that's hung fairly high. Hmmmm~
The next day it was on to the guest room,
where the same paint brought coziness and warmth
to an already nice room. Just needed that little bit
of definition. Yeah, I know, I need shams or
something on those pillows. Haven't decided yet
if I want shams or a cover. Any ideas?Got the valances hung, and I'm happy.
Real happy. I like the curtains even better.
Looking at these snapshots I can see where
I'd like to have some wall words~
just need to decide what and where.
When I decide, I'll let you know
and post some shots to share with you.
Isn't it amazing what a gallon of paint
can do to a room? to a home? to your weekend?!

UPDATE: I don't know if you ever go over to the side and visit the blogs I have designated as *NEW* but there is one that I visited today and am loving what she did to her mirror! And I am going to do it to mine!! As of this update, I have already notified Paige and she is getting my 'H' ready! I am having it done in the 'etched' look and you can bet I'll share a snapshot of it when it's here and on the mirror. WhooHoo!! See? You really need to check out NEW blogs (wink,wink). By the way, you can click on the picture to read the post that inspired me!


Jenny said...

Looks great!

Lynne Griffies said...

I love the new paint color. You are so right--it makes everything really pop! I love that arched metalwork hanging that you have at the end of the bar. Where did you get that? ( You have probably had it forever, huh? :) ) Yes, you definitly need something for those pillows--I think tailored (not frilly!) shams would be good. And I absolutely LOVE that monogram on the mirror. I want to do that on my mirror in the foyer. Can you send me the link to order one? Was good seeing you last night. Sorry we did not get to talk very much. Looked like you had your hands verrrry full! :) Love ya girlfriend.

Heather said...

Love the new color! Looks great!

The DIY Show Off said...

I'm happy to visit other blogs too and I'm so glad I found yours! Nice to "meet" you! (I love before/afters - obviously!). Your new color looks beautiful and we share very similar tastes! ;)

Have a great weekend!


Laurey said...

Hi Nancy,
Your home is lovely, and I love the new paint color...you give me such ideas. Of course, when I get out my paint brushes, my husband starts having a panic attack - ha!!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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