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Okay, so I'm still on hiatus, but learned of this site and I know me well enough that if I don't comment on it now, I'll forget. And yes, I could set the date and time for this to post later, but why wait? One of my girlfriends sent this via email with a tip on how to retrieve something dropped down a drain. The site appears to be one that will be invaluable with other things as well, hence the reason you are now reading this (smile, smile) It's call Family Hack and maybe it can answer a question or two for you.

Another site I learned of from WSFA today is Coupon Mom. I've watched Jenny and her friends sort through their coupons, clip and share, and there's even a blogsite now that two of them have begun to keep everyone updated with sales, coupons, and specials. I applaud them and wish I had done this on a more consistent basis when the girls were young. Oh, I cut out coupons and searched the sales flyers BUT always left the coupons at home or forgot to save the flyers. argh I was NOT good at it. So here's another site for those of you that ARE good at it. That is, if you don't already have it.

Tonight is Ian's K-4 graduation and we'll celebrate afterwards with a dinner trip to Mellow Mushroom. I am confident Jenny will have her camera, so when she posts pics of this milestone in our grandson's life, I'll let you know. Susie over at Bienvenue just had her son graduate from high school and I feel her pain. It doesn't get easier as a grandparent, let me tell you. Our little ones are growing way too quick for me, which does NOT mean I'm getting older. They are. Not me. Understand?!

So here's to new sites that make life easier, and little boys that make it a happier place to be~

UPDATE: Stop the presses, you coupon and sales searchers! I just found a post at Family Hack that will bring a smile to your face! Click here to find out what the weekly schedules for some major stores to mark down clothing and other household items!

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Thanks for the kind words. BTW, the link directly to the drain tip is


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